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Kaj Vardinghus -

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Hypnotherapist Kaj Vardinghus 

 C.Ht., CDH, MH, MHT, C.E.Hyp, C.C. Hyp, DipHyp, MAEPH


Educational Training


Diploma in Hypnotherapy – Graduate from HMI (C.Ht)
Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy – RSC (DHyp – MAEPH)
Certified ICBCH Diplomate Hypnotist – ICBCH (CDH)
Certified ICBCH Medical Hypnotist – ICBCH (MH)
Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnotherapy – SHC
Certificate in Conversational Hypnotherapy – SHC
Master Hypnotherapist Diploma – KTA
Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma – KTA
Certificate in Hypnotherapy – SSLA
Hypnotherapy with Age Regression – MBH
Hypnotherapy for Children Diploma – KTA
Hypnosis Practitioner – TA
Foundations in Hypnotherapy – HMI


NLP (Neurolingustic Programming)

Certified NLP Practitioner – AUNLP
Certified NLP Master Practitioner – AUNLP
Certified NLP Practitioner – SANLP
Certified NLP Master Practitioner – SANLP


Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Introduction to CBT – SHC
Certification in CBT – CBT ITCA
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) Diploma – KTA
CBT for Depression, Anxiety & Phobias Diploma – RLT
REBT Diploma – RLT


Therapeutic Counseling

Certified Counseling Practitioner – ALY
Professional Counseling Diploma – KTA


Life Coaching

Life Coach Certification – SLCA
Professional Life Coach Certification – TA


Mindfulness & Meditation

Master Practitioner of Mindfulness (levels 1,2,3, Master) – SAM
Complete Meditation Course Diploma – KTA


Past Life Regression Therapy / Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy

Advanced Past Life Regression Diploma – KTA
Certificate in Past Life Regression – AIA (ASH)
Past Life Regression Therapist – AHA
Professional Past Life Regression Diploma – KTA
Between Lives & Beyond Regression Diploma – KTA




Danish hypnotherapist Kaj Vardinghus has worked with hypnotherapy for the last 19 years. He has performed thousands of successful therapies online & presentially with children, adolescents and adults.


He can be considered an absolute authority on hypnosis and hypnotherapy.


Curious and a continously researching and studying, he has decades of experience in tailoring courses and workshops. He is an experienced speaker and course facilitator with over 22 years of experience in training and coaching nationwide (Brazil)


He performs sessions in English, Danish, and Portuguese.




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(Educational Training continued)



Handwriting Analysis

Diploma in Handwriting Analysis – HMI


EFT Practitioner

Basic EFT – AHA
Advanced EFT – AHA


Extension & Improvement Courses – Continous Learning

Intimate Conversations with Dr. John Kappas – AHA
Hypnosis & Pain Management – AHA
Hypnosis & Weight Loss 2 – AHA
Clinical Case History Series 1 – AHA
Hypnosis for Immune Disorders – AHA
Emotional & Physical Sexuality 1 – AHA
FET – Fear Elimination Therapy – RSC
Mental Bank Seminar – AHA
How to give a Dynamic Hypnosis Speech – AHA
Hypnosis in History – AHA
Healing the Inner Child with Hypnosis – AHA
Hypnosis and Sports Performance – AHA
Hypnosis and ADD/ADHD – AHA
Smoking Cessation – AHA
Introduction to Solution Focused Therapy –SHC
How to do Rapid Hypnotic Inductions – SHC
How to write Hypnotherapy Scripts – SHC
How to tell Transformational Hypnotic Stories – SJ/AU
Age Regression Therapy Diploma – KTA/UK
Master of Hypnosis – unleash your unconscious power – MB/UK
How to tell Stories that heal – SHC
Learn Self-hypnosis for Personal Development – SHC
Hypnotherapy Techniques and Methods for Weight Loss – ICBCH
Addiction Treatment in Hypnotherapy Program – ICBCH
Smoking Cessation Counselling and Hypnotherapy – ICBCH
Smoking Cessation Hypnotherapy Practitioner Certification – SHC
Hypnotic Inductions Mastery – SBS
Treating PTSD, Trauma & Phobias With The Rewind Technique – SHC
Self-hypnosis Mastery – SBS
Hypnotic Metaphor Mastery: Transformational Storytelling – SBS
Understanding and Treating Depression – SHC



Holistic Psychotherapy

Course in Holistic Psychotherapy – CEA (SINTE)


Other Certifications

CONPSI  1st Online Congress in Integrative Psychoanalysis (SBPI)
Certificate of Technical Conformity in Holistic Therapy (SINTE)
Congressist – Holística 2013 (SINTE)
Certified Basic Law of Attraction Practitioner – GSF
(Dr. Joe Vitale & Dr. Steve G. Jones)






"It's never too late to have a happy childhood."

Milton H. Erickson – famous Psychiatrist and Hypnotherapist